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  improvisations through 2008
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  September, 2007
  Appropriative philosophy: a prospective note
    Doing philosophy is a Janus-faced practice. A complement to this, as environmental philosophy of policy, is “Searching for sustainability.”
  March, 2007
  integrative discourse
    From feeling that the importance of philosophy needs justification in a largely anti-intellectual culture to a conceptually holistic preface to future work
  February, 2007
    The notion seems to be a mere entrance into realistic issues of evolutionary cognitive science,
not the problem that some persons would make it out to be.
  April, 2007
  note on neuroscience and law
    This flags a leading context in bioethics that I want to pursue further.
  November, 2008
  Logos in humanity: a note on de-theologization
    What is the place of theology in the multipolitan university?
  March, 2007
  naturalism and discourse ethics
    A critical discussion of claims that there are"metaphysical" implications in Habermas'
discourse ethics

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