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Also, what I’m writing elsewhere online is noted at that blog when it’s first available.

I relish the days. Generally, this site's about Openings...incipiencies, projects, ways...

Yea, earthlings.

[Pages uploaded after 2012 will link to the “2013...” home page. Some past tense below expresses July 2014 nostalgia.]
  living well
    Life was good. I dwell here with senses of flourishing.
  poiesis, so called
    Where learning never ends, Aletheia.
  conceptual prospecting
    This blog was for brief discursive ventures, 2004—2013, anticipating longer adventures.
It’s going to be active again, mid-2017 onward.
  humanistic union
    This began as a blog which was a vital aspect of cohering.net before 2012; but its spirit was overshadowed by the site’s “evolving project” (which is not the blog, “our evolving”). Now, “humanistic union” is an evolving part of gedavis.com, “discursive living.”
  some times
    This began as a political interest during the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign. The area was to be a general placeholder for future writing related to the times—based on accumulated news (which I archive obsessively). But it’s now replaced by a gedavis.com area, “being in Time,” as if I’m likely to make time to write in light of the news I still archive obsessively. Time tells. (Maybe I’ll be a historiographer in my next life.) My fun with “another news cycle” will be copied to the new site area.
  mind evolving

This blog was, through 2010, expressing my political interest in our evolutionarity, though I named it eccentrically before it gained a political spirit. It's not my mind evolving; that's just developing. The blog initially complemented my Habermasian “evolving project.” The Habermasian project is largely archival, so mind evolving will go more my own way, gradually (2014 onward), hopefully not becoming basically idiosyncratic. How can a blog be credibly called "mind evolving," without being philosophically silly? Good question. I have no interest in New Agey spiritualism, etc, except as an occasional subject of inquiry ("What do you mean?—or want, whathaveyou, with ‘spirituality’”? Etc.)

A newer blog has a name more appropriate to how mind evolving earlier went, up to 2010: “Our evolving,” begun 2010, will gradually appropriate material from mind evolving, 2010 and earlier. This blog will become, 2014 on, focused on my allegedly post-Habermasian designs. I'll link via "life world" to whatever I do with the blog. (The "life world" blog is more the home page for cohering.net than the current home page, you know.)

  a sense of Appropriative philosophy
    This set of pages expressed a mediational condition of philosophy: bridging practical interests and “purely” discursive inquiry (“uphill” and conversely). I have no synoptic sense of where it was to go. It is what it was.
  conceptual adventuring
    This is for longer discursive ventures, continuing a philosophical project that will result in a innertextual cohering (philosophical singularity) of everything I write for various plots or little odysseys in the garden (intertextual excursions)—not to be cute, but to be credibly philosophical in a post-metaphysicalist and comprehensive way—which has to seem impossible. I'll do what I can; might as well aspire highly.

The longer ventures for conceptual adventuring don't have sections online yet, but I’ve done extensive development for this. It’ll become focal online eventually. (So much eventuality! Late 2014 onward, I hope.)
    This was an area for whatever writing I wanted online that didn’t seem to belong in other areas. It, too, was barely begun, having examples of kinds of garden plots I would see flourish.

for your interest.

July 3, 2013 / July 26, 2014:

Someday, I'll give more time to improving the graphical appeal of this site. I’m into wording, so graphical simplicity for that sake suits me. But that’ll change, all in good time.

This site deliberately lacks a strictly-pyrimidal structure (i.e., having pages whose headers only link to one menu area up the “tree”), though the site is mostly a normal tree. Some section links in some project areas (named above) link to sections in other projects/areas (not most pages, but some do). But the page headers everywhere always go back to overall project pages or back to this home page (or the 2013... version). You can use your “back” button, of course; and some multipage projects have buttons at each page bottom linking back and forward intra-project.

I don’t want to be confusing, but my overall Project here is sometimes cross-subprojectual or inter-project-ive, so to speak, though each page is more-or-less autonomous (but sometimes reading like very conceptual prose poems that easily don't seem coherent—sorry! It all does cohere).

A sense of monographic organization (like a book) is not what I presently want—eventually, but not yet. Making a well-formed surface structure (book?) is (would be) easy, I think—but that’s contrary to my creative process of working relative to emergent theme groups, which I’m sharing with you, from which autonomous journal articles or chapters might result. Implicitly, I'm very engaged with interest in creative process, only the result of which—and only some of it—gets online. The Internet is a decentered, post-Cartesian dream, and so too the world of each mind (though the Cartesian dream lives on). Project netweaving is a faint trope of Our form of life.

Believe it or not, my projects cohere in offline work. Online, I’ve been improvising for the sake of an expressive holism that doesn't pretend to be formally presented. Free time has been scarce, the past decade. That's changed now, but I've generated so much stuff here, all of which was carefully done, yet expressing an era of life which came to closure, I think, January 2012. The effusive work of that era of my life (c2004-2011) remains here for later use (later appropriation), but I don't want to look back now. I've got too much to do that's barely begun.

The ultimacy of my manifold play was / is really cohering comprehensively, but showing this exactly (in terms of offline work that sometimes seems like disproof of Wittgenstein’s claim that there’s no private language) would be tediously long or / and unbearably dense, and I don't now want to do that in terms of past work yet. (I know: I’m already unbearably tedious. So it goes.)

Over the years, I played out facets of It All, and I'll continue to do that. It'll all be drawn together into a well-formed conceptuality or landscape eventually (if I don’t get hit by a bus in a crosswalk, etc.—protect me, Ana), but relative to work to be done. In the meantime, there is an evolving that inches forward through a beautiful garden, if I may so say, whose horizon always recedes (thank goodness) because Its appeal stays highly generative.

The essence of life—the birds know—is fun. So onward.

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