August 21, 2017:
Total Solar Eclipse Day across the U.S.

This is an archival placeholder for an out-of-date home page location that continues to show up
in Google searches of writing by me.

Projects here before 2012 have become part of the site’s Areas via the current home page.
Pre-2012 projects have been appended to current site Area home pages listed via the current
main home page.

But do click the old “gary e. davis” header image above. (The faint "american earthling" is deliberate. I own the URL, but haven't done anything with it—not much, anyway, as of today.)

My sense of, as of summer 2013, is expressed by the posting “a way to inter-textuality.”
My sense of the site has evolved a lot, the past four years. But that posting is an autobiographical note that feels permanently important to me.




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