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  improvisations through 2011. New work links via the 2016... page.
  May 2017
  conceptual prospecting
    This is a blog that began in 2004, became shelved in 2013, and is now intended to be active again.
  September, 2010
  a philosopher of human development confesses
    preface to an excursion into the developmentality of authentic happiness
  October, 2010
  being in time as a conceptually free-associative story
    a horizoning child muses about the layers of its projective nature
  December, 2009
  flourishing of the smart child into early adulthood
    ontogenic aspects of a creative and inquiring mind
  April, 2011
    a good way to understand phenomenology as primarily existential
  April, 2011
    an excursion on evocative enframing
  April, 2011
  once upon a time
    further rendering my entrancement with phenomenological thinking
  April, 2011
  among evolving characters
    a sense of autotelic potential in conceptual relativity
  May 2011
  autotelic self
    incipient notes on the nature of creative individuation (very gradually developing)
  June 2011
  art mind
    an unnamed estate growing inwordly
  February, 2008
  enlanguaging mind
    notes in light of The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics, 2007
  September 2010
  project references
    citation resource page for online projects, currently for 3 indicated projects
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