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There's so much to do!
September 1, 2014

My interests are broadly philosophical, psychological, and literary—not captured by any one project. Eventually, an ultimate cohering of It All will show.

New work I'm doing will be linked from my current home page and from the “life world” blog.

The projects I've improvised earlier, 2004-2012, remain important for later appropriation by work to be done, as earlier work was prospective, and the prospectiveness continues.

If you want to know more, beyond what you find through this site, I welcome that! E-mail me.

gary e davis

re: Googling my name: I’ve never worked for any park service; nor am I a medium for religious music, nor computer obsessed (I live in Berkeley), nor a retired underwriter, nor into real estate, nor dead (as of the above header date). And I never sign comment online without using my middle initial, ‘gary e.,’ (except comment at the NY Times before 2007). Also, I try to include ‘berkeley’ in signatures. Noting this here isn’t a matter of vanity, rather trying to deal well with having a common first and last name.

footer note: To be fair...

...is, in mathematics and scientific theory, a matter of elegance (and realism); in drama, a matter of presence; in ethics, a matter of due diligence; in writing, a matter of itself—and likely not being one’s own best custodian:

Please let me know about links that don't work or especially if my simply-constructed pages don't load right on your platform. Thanks. Learning never ends, you know.

All cohering.net content is © copyright, current year, by Gary E. Davis. Fair use with fair citation is OK. I endorse the Creative Commons.

My suggested citation format is:

Davis, Gary E., [year]. "[Title]." Retrieved [date] from [URL]

(Inclusion of "http://www." in a URL isn’t necessary anymore, of course).

My URLs will remain valid ‘forever,” at least as re-direct URLs in evolving projects. So, they're reliable for citation.

I'm for maximal free flow of ideas, but I'm also for respecting due credit. That's the way to foster and sustain a community of engagement. So, I gladly credit sources of influence, for that sake as well as fairness. If I've slipped up, please let me know. I don't need to pose others' ideas and phrasing as my own.

Please, let me know what you're doing, so I can be influenced by you!

Thanks for your interest.



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