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gary e. davis
May 23, 2017

This blog began in 2004 with some postings that expressed desire without direction (Sept.), then became a useful medium, sometimes important for concept development, but remained largely supplementary to webpage work. Many months have merely one posting. Often, months pass before a new posting. The blog was shelved in mid-2013.

Early 2017, I decided to use it again, but haven’t yet, as of presently.

However, all of the existing postings are valueable to me! There are no casual postings. I hope that you enjoy what’s there (if you’re conceptually inclined).

Originally, the blog was developed on another platform (MoveableType), which was tedious, relative to blogger, but it was the platform offered as part of my webhosting account. When my host ceased using MoveableType, I ceased using the blog. That’s why it was shelved. But for nearly ten years, when I did use it, I linked to its postings from webpages and other blogs. So, many links go to the old platform, though each posting has a blogger copy with the same date, same title now.

When you come across a link to the MoveableType version of the blog, please find the blogger copy. The posting may have been revised at the blogger version (though keeping the same dated location). Eventually, I’ll link every MoveableType posting point with its new version (and delete the MT posting text, except for the new link to the blogger version). But doing that isn’t a priority now.


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