intimating Cycle 4 of The Project
gary e. davis
February 15, 2018

Any painter will agree that gessoing a new canvas is exciting labor, because
that’s expressing an emergence of wholly free possibility, relative to the medium.

The musicians convene for a new session, elated by being together again,
no one having any idea what’ll happen.

The writer’s blank page says “I’m a new day”—a new communion we may play?

More fun is immanent!


For the moment, I just needed to have this spot determined for linking. I’ll have more to offer soon (which I’ll note at “life world”).

What I have in mind, as a matter of process (“genesis ongoing”), is quite specific,
as I mentioned at the end of “genesis...”: “The next cycle of The Project will show in terms of the topics that derived from Its offline version for constellating so many freestanding combines, 2004—2017, into ‘sundry gardening’.” That is, themic sites of Work can seem like freestanding combines evincing presentational texts that are traces—crystallizations—of each’s emerging.

I know how I want to proceed offline, what I intend to work with; and I’m happy
to have no conception of where it’ll all go in the short term.

Long term: The Project is quite well-defined conceptually. It has a specific title, but
I want to keep that private for now; the title might change. “Work-In-Progress” is four syllables, 16 characters; “The Project” is one and five less.