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  preface: being of the play
gary e. davis
December 12, 2018
  The first item here is a set of eight others (as separate pages). There will be many items for this prefacial Area, but probably not made of many component pages.
It seems as if getting beyond prefacing is difficult in principle. I recall Derrida’s issue of The Preface (such that everything becomes preface to prefacing The Preface); and Heidegger avowing late in life that he was merely a precursor.

love of better being -|- Dec. 12, 2018
  In May, I improvised a sense of beginning that I uploaded, then didn’t read again. After months of my normal offline eccentricity, I sought to write some postings that would genuinely address a reader who has no idea why I do this site (part 1). Then I improvised a little from that (parts 2—7). But when I was ready to combine the seven December postings into a singular beginning for Cycle 4 of this site, I realized that what I wrote in May was already thematically beyond what I’d just written. So, this set of eight excursions (some very short, none much longer than a normal-sized page) is followed by what was done in May, still prefaced by the short opening of last February.



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