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gary e. davis
February 13, 2019
Being well easily finds desirable purpose at every level of its time: promise of near-term success, thus satisfaction (pleasure of hedonic happiness); and long-term fulfillment (Meaningfulness) of self formation, profession, family, creative project, etc.

Most simply (and least ambitiously), the Point of life is doing things that are enjoyable for oneself. Even devotion to enjoyment by others of their own lives is sustained because it’s enjoyable for oneself—enjoyable because it’s fulfilling. Others’ lives are enjoyable because they’re fulfilling. Meaningful enjoyment is an outcome of actualizing important purposes, not an end in itself (not passive entertainment which risks “addiction” and is unconstructive, thus chronically dissatisfying).

Most simply, there’s reason to live—a point which unfortunately eludes persons in syndromes of self-harm (e.g., living carelessly) or living “suicidally,” e.g., risking death from chronic backsliding— especially, metabolic syndrome—which is often a “medication” against haunting unhappiness.

Yet, intrinsic dignity belongs to every life situation, though too often a life’s world denies recognition of one’s potential for integrity of purpose.

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