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gary e. davis
August 11, 2007

The notion of lifeworld is supposed to provide an easy entrance into existential issues, then properly philosophical issues, but the route from normal dailiness to thinking through the lifeworldliness of daily life calls for conceptualizing the lifeworld, which is counterintuitive.

And highy compressed self-reflection dramatizes this, though I didnt intend that in a note today about authenticity and sincerity, basically in terms of “lifeworldliness”.

December 5, 2004

Topics to be explicated:

1: Natural backgroundliness of lifeworldliness
2: Ontogeny as the nature of lifeworldliness
3: Enactivity (Intentionality or Life) of lifeworldliness
4: Relationality (enacted Worldliness) of lifeworldliness
5: Structurality (represented world) of lifeworldliness
6: Frames of analysis: about perspectival thematology

In light of this, topics to be developed:

  • Habermas’s sense of the symbolicness of the world
  • Ethicality of lifeworld enactivity
  • Creative well-being

That strays away from the Habermasian idiom, but I want to return to Habermas, in terms of his application of his understanding of lifeworldliness:

  • “Lifeworld” applied: subthemes and contextualizations
  • Historicality of lifeworldliness: the experience of social evolution
  • Cultural worldliness
  • Reason and rationalization of lifeworldliness
  • Transformations (and deformations) of lifeworldliness
  • Critical interest in educational excellence
  • Economics of the lifeworld: the materiality of social life
  • Lifeworld vs. system

Then I want to stray again away from Habermas’s texts, though in light of the benefits of having lived there, to several applied topics:

  • Systematically facilitating healthy living: public health as progressive practice
  • Well-being and public policy (returning to that early topic)
  • Advanced life: on the future of human nature

Gee, it’s another book! (No time. Sorry! Funded free time welcomed.)

Though the upper items in the agenda are intended for the near term (Ha!–8/11/07), the agenda altogether exists with other agenda, other subprojects (already indicated or to be indicated) in the “evolving project” (i.e., the evolving of this project which is ultimately about “evolutionarity”—just a mystery now, let’s say). So, the lifeworld-line plan is openly rendered. (And you are?–8/11) But I require of myself that specific progress be made in all of the lines, the discursive scouting plans,
of the project. (
Yeah, right, I know about specific progress.) [2011: It does happen.]