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  life world blog -|- 2004—present
    This is for noting what’s new to areas below or new to related blogs—home page there for all manner of innerworldly writing life.
  living well -|- March 2016
    This continues. Four items there.
  literary living -|- April 2016
    for airy gardening. So far there: links to a sequence of eight excursions in mid-March 2016, musing about muses in April 2016, and a link to a blog that will grow beyond autumn 2015 (someday).
  conceptual adventuring -|- May 2017
    Into a flowering of gravity. Why not. I've begun a long way.
  mind evolving -|- April 2016

It’s not my mind evolving; that's just developing—though generally, a tropology of “mind” can avoid silly metaphysicalism.



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