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  life world blog -|- 2004—present
    This is for noting what’s new to areas below or new to related blogs—home page there for all manner of innerworldly writing life.
  living well -|- March 2016
    This continues. Four items there.
  literary living -|- April 2016
    for airy gardening. So far there: links to a sequence of eight excursions in mid-March 2016, musing about muses in April 2016, and a link to a blog that will grow beyond autumn 2015 (someday).
  conceptual adventuring -|- May 2017
    Into a flowering of gravity. Why not. I've begun a long way.
  mind evolving -|- June 2017

It’s not my mind evolving; that's just developing—though generally, a tropology of “mind” can avoid silly metaphysicalism.

Development of this Area is in progress. Substantive results have began to show now, these latter days of June.



Thanks for your interest.






Be fair: It’s beautiful.


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