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a singularity
october 30, 2011


This is a placeholder page for a synoptic discussion of cohering.net as a singular project—which I’m presently not ready to detail (though I have a more-or-less exacting sense of it all).

I’m progressively living my way “back” to an evolving Project (so far barely rendered online) that is topically specific—and already was some years ago. Growing on, The Project remains longstanding (though Open). Its manifold topos is transforming relative to further living and evident trends (to my mind) in our evolving, especially relative to others’ work that inspires me. I’m rendering aspects online piecemeal, relative to my time.

Saying that may seem uninformative: “OK, life goes on and nothing comes to closure,” save so many little discussions, pieces in a narrative pointillism sans telic cohering. So it goes in life, one should hope. Yet, my work (the bricolagic Topos) has a conceptually-“specific” gravity, idealizing well-formedness that I’m quite capable of making fruitful. If I don’t die beforehand.

Writing from ongoing life, I might seem easily distracted. But facticity of adventitious days going by is integral. Things emerge in proximally-commonplace lifeworldliness. I could easily fill my time with confessional journalism, swimming in self absorption. Though I don’t give time to that yet online, it’s very appealing. In the vining of the venture (yet to venture saying what the main horizonality is), I “fail” to resist sideroads. But just briefly. The vining is allegorical of ongoing life.

All in all, I’m quite focused, I think. That will become more and more evident online as I do the “living my way ‘back’” into the longstanding discursive complex expressing my sense of primordial intimacy, if not exemplifying a primordial hold on The Mystery. But the locus of telic cohering is discursive, relative to a wealth of others. This is secondarily about one authorship. The horizon of tenable conceptuality—any ultimately appealing gravity—is Intimately directional (destining) more than destinational (let alone destined). Yet, that’s always relative to singular lucidities in finite plays.

I’ll keep you posted.



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