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        integrity of unknown artistry
prefacing our life’s singularity
gary e. davis

March 20, 2016

part 1 of 8


Excellent outerworldly performing grants free bearing for an artistry—provides
well-grounded departure from midland attentiveness, to go wherever, being as highly
as we can. Here, love of learning’s endless, indomitable engaging with intrepid curiosity, with flourishing, is wholly happy.

To observers, we’re isolated. Yet, alone, given to manifolds, we’re never lonely. We play, muse, and write to enjoying each’s solitude, spawning little fruits from cultivating spheres.

“There’s too much to share clearly in the time you give us,” we tell them, and kindly leave. We are the integrity of our exploring, not presuming their interest—and not soliciting, otherwise as if needing attention to believe in our time—yet loving their presumed presence.

We manifold, weave, and braid, from happy daze, free play, autogeny of things,
thematic grouping, pathmaking, topical mitosis, tropical hybridity, textual design
of us.

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    © 2016, gary e. davis