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March 20, 2016

part 2 of 8


The set of eight “March 20” pages preface an evolving sense of conceptual literary studies, uncircumscribed by the set, but already largely designed—open-endedly.
The six subheader concepts above, troped as seedlings, are good proximal foci for what the following six sets are about; but each part of the set isn’t aligned with a particular concept. The seedlings are altogether an oriental constellation, like the title of each part provides orientation (though some titles—all occurring after the part was written—are a little contrary, as if the upcoming part is rather simple minded).

Each part is defined by my group of notes that backgrounded what’s written. This note on creative process tropes a theme of creative process that belongs to the entire set. As the concepts above are tropes of trans-narrative themes (horizonal foci) altogether troped as seedlings (axiomatic foci), the constellation of sets expresses explorations of creative process, troped by the present part.

Usually, what’s axiomatically horizonal is regarded as constitutive (defining a domain with circumscribed range). But my troping here is felicitous, heuristic, pragmatic, which happens to express a pointillism of prospectivity in a project that is openly conceived as evolving, though in proximally-specific ways ( “...largely designed”).

Each part alone might seem non sequitur-al, so to speak; and each part also pertains to ranges of exploration beyond literary ones: philosophy of action, psychology of self, theory of creativity, phenomenology, conceptuality across humanities, and artistry generally. So, the prospective parts are altogether trOpical of inter-domainal studies, which will be integral to the long-term project.

The general design of the project is evolving relative to how things are to grow in parts— eight parts now, more later. These eight comprise perhaps a third of the content I have in mind for this March and April (not that I anticipate 24 parts), but the March set is intiating an open-ended excursion. What I presently have in mind will come to closure in May, I expect. Then, the project—which I call simply The Project—will begin in a different gear or register, relative to recent research of others, spanning all areas of the website.

In the meantime—and altogether, too—who knows what fascinating advent will sway anticipated flow of cohering. I’m glad I don’t know: How things go is another happy mystery, like having a map that is alive. (The geography of Earth is “alive.”)

[This part may become entirely different, some months from now; or maybe not.
All significant changes to anything across the website will be noted at that time via
the “life world” blog.]

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