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        a happy peak
gary e. davis

March 20, 2016

part 7 of 8


Tropes may be transposed into well-formed conceptual schemas. Why? Because that’s what we want to do.

On the one hand, evincing more-comprehensive comprehension is inherently appealing to some minds. On the other hand, methodic enabling of better comprehension is educational.

Ultimately, anymore, conceptuality echoes an evolutionarity of mind that seems vertiginously self-designing, for good reason, alive (not formally circumscribable). Viable notions of primordiality live there, for we who intimate originary experience (finding or not—undaunted), keeping life ultimately oriented by being oriented ultimately without ontologism.

Bibliography, bibliophilia, bibliology, bibliogeny, how goes our branches in some self-swaying ease of interpsychal flow in whatever scale of interplay between and within us, among us, in our extended family of intimacy?

Is precision focus intrinsically better? What level of focus is viable? Rigorous conceptuality may not imply well-formed formulas—but then, to what “end” do we aspire, inquire?

In any case, there come peaks—precisely derived—where a free play of points is necessary for discovery. In a flow of things (themes, scaffolds, landscapes), inquirial attitudes, domainal investments, approaches to creativity, kinds of collaborative inquiry, one is making ways through trOpical patchwork, interplay, constellating, self-differentiation—a thicket of midland woods on the way to a high clearing, a clear high envisioning of comprehensive comprehensibility, comprehension of comprehensive comprehending, where echoes in pointillisms, in constellations, may obscure immanences of enstantial interplay that may evince unprecedented constellating, clearly, serenely awing.

And here you are, an adamental joy, presencing appeal, a part of me.

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