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october 9, 2011

Writing to another—any audience, you—implies a common ground (unwittingly some worldliness that’s ours) even in writing about some uncommon ground of a life. I reach out to you just by writing about no need, in sharing, to reach out.

It’s easy to assert a difference between (1) sharing project development and (2) writing for an audience (i.e., doing presentational writing). But a reader can’t really know the difference. I’m not ignoring “you” by taking time to write “for” an online archive of developmental things, available to you, as if to you because I’m sharing it—though maybe you are—you feel—a solidarity with my odd excursions. Maybe you’re a kindred (interested in some nexus of literary, psychological, and philosophical venturing). Maybe you’re whom it could all be for: the unmet complement to me—though I’m weary of the theme. I just want to move on.

Everything I put online expresses an elation of solitude (an expressiveness unto itself), but doesn’t pretend to fairly represent the expressive occasion as such (the solitude in itself).

However, there’s also an implicit (unthematized) pathmaking in the “Elations...” project (which I’m also weary of avowing about my online work generally).

In the following, I move from writing rather obscurely, as a matter of self reflectiveness (“entranced by a road so far”—like an effusive overture) to much-less obscure presentation (“inhabiting my café”—an enthusiastic but more-accessible beginning, at last) to settle into very cogent pathmaking, altogether (to my mind) expressing a sense of appropriative discourse—kinda going downhill in order to later begin a climb (“autotelic mind...”).

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