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September 28, 2004

Looking for a baseline conception for beginning this project

Appropriations posting

“What should I read now?,” he’s always asking, “or next?”

One can read forever; there’s always more to read before writing. But the writing has to be done, to begin, so you go with what you have, what the project can be today, which becomes the horizon for backtrack writing that brings the reader through narrative woods to where I was (today), as I moved on, via that reconstructing: The pathmaking employs stylized recapulation for its own tacit advance, anewing itself in genealogy (partly), in the rhetoric of a “discourse” (or cohering of discursive singularity)—as if here to have first constituted an entirety of conception (yet, more really, to memorialize a messy sojourn passed by good form here).

But the project’s self-conception of insight I gain there may be over the horizon of the presented path here (the genealogy, constitution, discourse), as writing you continues toward where I no longer live, as the narrative here registers a distancing gained—your here, my there, cohering in (t)hering.

September 26, 2004

designer asserts license

Appropriations posting

This is a conceptually programmatic endeavor. But I love to wander; side treks are good for research, too! That helps keep the pathmaking honest: It’s an evolving endeavor that will revise its given design in light of advents. So, I may at times seem to have lost direction, but I haven’t. I just love free association maybe too much at times—romancing Aletheia, I guess. Trust that I won’t forget the pathmaking.

Voyaging, pathmaking, journeying, sojourn, ..... Counterpath (Derrida).

A life is always in storiation, living out its potential narratability (if not evolving—but inasmuch as there’s evolving, it is via kinds of voyaging).

Always open to Habermasian relevance along the way (continuing to post to the Habermas group on the road), “the evolving project” is a lifeworld-based (my life) entrance into post-Habermasian relevance.

Wandering and wondering in voyaging, etc.

Though this is a conceptually programmatic venture, the development of topics aren’t about that conceptuality (just as Habermas’ 3-fold pragmatic realist conceptuality isn’t usually his focus).

September 18, 2004

OK, there is no perfect beginning,...

Appropriations posting

...wherever you start, whatever the ultimacy of cohering you think to share—you bring others to maybe appreciate someday.

I’ll never understand quantum cosmology, so what can I do?

What the quantum cosmologist may never understand—well, I guess, if you can understand quantum cosmology, you can understand anything....The quantum cosmologist won’t have time to understand all that’s worth understanding; no one has such time. There reigns the inconceivable “encyclopedia” of all specialties—the essential library of humanity (call it The Library)—which only a god could master. The fullness of human understandability is beyond any singular discourse (even beyond a singular discourse community).

But look: “Modern science” will find a way to extend human life and fluid intelligence to double (at least) current life expectancy, probably further. Would you want it? Inquiring minds might! I would: Given the lucidity of my ‘20s for 200 years, no brainer! Imagine a university of such ones, a scientific-literary humanity of such ones. Yet, the generative effect of that on The Library would keep its susceptibility to ultimate cohering (in principle) inaccessible. The Physicists’ Theory of Everything will say nothing about the nature of living intelligence (especially its evolving). Bring on those Methusalehs of youthful capacity, those angels we may create.

September 08, 2004

There’s no perfect beginning

Appropriations posting

You get up in the morning and just start, because that’s what you are to do. In light of all the preparation, you have to improvise anyway, doing the best you can when The Best has to be produced. You might be capable of genius. But not this morning.

That’s proximality.

Primordiality—a rendering of philosophical fundaments, etc.—may be way down the road, like a phenomenological reduction.

Or not.