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normativity is about temporal reliability for interaction space

Appropriations posting

It’s action orienting, not as such regulative.

What am I going to do about having thousands of notes that only I understand?

To wit: Planning and policy belonging to ordinary action orients at best by setting purposive temporal continuity openly (i.e., flexibly, sensitively, adaptively), thus gaining and expressing a “normativity” of self efficacy for one’s Project-ive life.

Interaction with others brings an interplay, hybridization, intersection, or collaborative formation of interaction-orienting plan/policy, not necessarily normative outside the temporal domain of interaction, though this would include social need to sometimes consider the interaction orientation as formally normative, as a matter of ensuring reliability of each’s plan/policies relative to the other in a generally accountable way (i.e., in compliance with legislated or formalized responsibilities). But not usually.