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  cohering life
gary e. davis
June 2023
I make commitments which are the best I can do when I must act, given needs and enmeshments; and who knows when the clock of one’s life runs out. I keep the ordinary days of life promising. I make days of glorious life matter.

That’s not maudlin sentiment. Our potential for sensibility, evolved from eons of singular Earthanity is glorious.

After all, the cosmos is terrifyingly infinite, absolutely cold, senseless, and ultimately careless. But We beings make meaning, not of the cosmos at all; rather of intelligence which can be promising and create, which the cosmos cannot know.

So be it that flowering is ephemeral, among leaves, across fields, most of which is never seen—and child’s play in yards, academics in heights whose appreciated being will be forgotten, most likely, but for texts and things kept for others’ futures.

Old age is glad to wake up again, sense of humor intact: another day granted (receptiveness of being), another day to bear, creatively, one hopes (being responsive).

Any day is a potential potpourri of events and things—a phenomenal miscellany, mélange, motley montage, salmagundi, farrago, gallimaufry, or omnium-gatherum I may appreciate for giving way to bricolagic play (or neologism), then at best constellating to fruitful affect (with effect), I hope.

I’m engaged in making the most of the life I am: being with well, be that tropical flowering or others, gardening significant enjoyment.

Mindfulness is a way of being, like flourishing. Highly flourishing has no ultimate goal, other than being really well.

Without vanity, glorying in life’s potential, loving our glorious humanity as intrinsic to my own is self-enhancive reason to live, I say recalling loss of two loved persons to suicide, many years ago.

So what that I write to myself, or recall myself back then—“…for what’s better
to say to death and dusty canons but life in all its modes,…”—and feel called
into many years of writing ahead and so on.

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  Be fair. © 2023, gary e. davis