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cohering lightness of preferring better being

  lightness of attitude...
gary e. davis
June 2023
…altitude, whatever—because We’re all in evolving Openness.

“My advice to young people” says Anton Zeilinger (2022 Nobelist in physics) “would be do what you find interesting and don’t care too much about possible applications.”

Fortunately, I am—as they say—still young at heart.

I don’t need to explain—to justify—my enjoyment of creative conceptual writing.
I share it. “You” find it worth your while or not.

The heart of the matter is that I enjoy what I’m doing—”carrying on.”

There’s great fun reconciling proximally incommensurable “things,” i.e., finding deeper/higher (primordial?) commensurability.

I’m a conceptual resource specialist for refreshing -ments, hopefully beyond idiosyncrasy, beyond eccentricity…

Meanwhile, a reader always wants fruitful implicature from giving time, wanting
to think beyond mere appeal “of” exotic curiosity about very unusual narrative: “please, not merely exotic novelty.”

next—> truth and method...


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