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cohering lightness of preferring better being

  a fable of protean humanity
gary e. davis
June 2023
A person is an intrinsically valuable life. This Value inspires and sustains careers in medicine, teaching, public service, etc., despite the depressingly common regard of lives as mere targets for marketing or for beastly violence.

We grow up—beautifully, at best—achieve a lot (at best), pay forward (in gratitude for ancestry), and move on, hopefully for many years.

Authentic life is superior to lives which regard others as targets.

Organized flourishing is superior to lives of chronic slackers.

The soul of humanity belongs to persons who keep it alive and evolving, and such persons are superior to persons who refuse any good sense of that.

Conceptual life is best oriented by inclusively being in our manifoldly develop-
mental worlds altogether evolving humane, enthralling chances for our children
to flourish beyond us.

Action-oriental conceptuality can really help evolve Our tropical species.

Being well, for the sake of wholly flourishing humanity, is ultimately intergener-
ational art relative to evolving times.

Phenomenality of the days leading into self-enhancive fulfillments which inspire advancing appreciability (ability to highly appreciate) may gain the virtue of
a pragmatism for evolving mind which can be awing as well as fun.

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