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  preface for the Project currently
gary e. davis
November 25, 2023
  New topics are listed on the main Project page with themic continuity in mind, but may not be chronologically adjacent. Project development will spawn short sprouts that later become sections of manifold projects within this cycle of the conceptual gardening.

In other words, a listed topic is part of a given project which is themically well-ordered offline, and that project will be listed on the main Project page when all of its subparts are posted. But I’m not intending to post all of the subparts of one project chronologically. New topics will likely be themic sprouts from unrelated projects, as autonmous topics.

That’s a matter of creative process, which is one of the projects.

November 5, 2023

I’m moving beyond projects of recent years. Those earlier projects will eventally be incorporated into the emergent table of contents of this cycle 5 of the Project (which will get a proper name someday).

But my re-organization of Cycle 4 as “appealing ways of understanding” offers a good sense of what I’m doing. The improvised sequence of the listing may seem less overwhelming when I divide it into more group headings (and the sequencing will be improved). Its “preface” should be helpful.

The “cohering lightness...” set (six parts) was a rather dramatic overture to anticipated developments, having large-scale horizon. But a horizon is always a Moment of temporal altitude.



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