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  “lifecycality,” so to speak
gary e. davis
December 6, 2023
A pleasant aspect of ‘psychality’ is its assonance with ‘cycle-ity’. There’s no such term in any dictionary, of course. When I google the term, I get “Showing results for cyclicity.”

Okay. But I like cycle-ity; for short: cycality for cycle-ness.

There’s cycality of one’s day: up, out, cruise, back, and down for the night. I’ve
said here and there: A person grows up, achieves a lot (at best), pays forward
(we hope), and moves on, for the next generation growing into its own fullness.

A milestone event of one’s life may occur surprisingly; or fulfill a  project-ive plan, such that retrospection feels an era ended for one’s singular life, thereby showing eraic cycality. (Having lost some True Love implicitly avows that one did truly love, such that there can be new beginning, maybe True Love again.)

A  Shakespearean may associate romance with spring, comedy with summer, tragedy with fall, and irony with winter which always leads to spring.

In any event, a cycality is experienced, relative to a point, a day, an era. It’s a lifepsychality of lifecycality. No matter how one’s overt sense of self changes (individuating, creating, adapting, appropriating selfidentity), it’s oneSelf in a life all along, one Self futuring, fulfilling, and recalling, always in an implicit holism (lifeworldliness) of understanding which has cycles within cycles.

One (a person) is oneself within a lifepsychality of lifecycality whose engagement (being project-ive, futural) is for good_ life: the basis for giving Meaning (significance) to what’s been done, articulated, what’s happened. A sense of “the” past is always constructed relative to the importance of ongoing, futural life. (Living largely relative to futural promise is better than largely living to preserve a past. Actualizing one’s potential is better than largely reaffirming one’s ancestry.)

An authentic temporality of oneSelf horizons (verb) one’s life in an opening, generative sense, as well as in a guiding, oriental sense, which may become
a constraining fall when the era of its opportunity wanes, winters, and calls
for a springing well again.

The individuation of one’s whole life is always implicit in any activity, expressing (troping?) any capability; any comprehension, aspiration, etc. in the horizonality of being a lifecycality of oneSelf expressed in the psychality (selfidentity) of inter-
esting and interested days, scenes, situational purposes, and communicative intents.

Figures of speech trope articulative enactivity. Figurative activity is guided by (thus implies, tropes) project-ive interests which motivate that activity. Action is always interested in fulfilling its implied interests through mediate satisfactions, be those empathic, coordinative, goal specific, whatever.

Enaction always implies interested valuing, implying (at best) its life invested in its cycality. Enaction implies (tropes) living value, which tropes invested life, so to speak.



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