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  appeal of better ways
for better values which may be actualized

gary e. davis
January 26, 2024
  I want to better connect one’s “lifecycal” interest in confident action with values which serve better futures for everyone.

Ultimately, philosophy is about the conceptuality of living importantly. Yet, for most persons the conceptuality of anything is marginally important, as if prevailing values are naturally given.

“Better” orientation provides better options for fulfilling action. 
  In my view, pragmatic thinking (apt balance, let’s say, of high preference in re-
lating to feasibility) orients itself relative to better ways—to alleged ways which are better than other options (i.e., which can be tenably argued to be relatively better)—for orienting action which wants valuable consequence.

The better orientation affords more valuable (and more-valuable) options for preference and future action relative to what’s better to prefer (e.g., better for wholly flourishing of life and humanity). 

for better action orientation 
  A person always wants confidence in their action, while action is always oriented by interest-relative value preference (or, prior to enaction, by want of value clarity relative to given interests).

As a life is an ecology of interests (lifecycality of lifepsychality), specific enaction always expresses a timely preference of interest (or project-ive set of interests).

But at best, a lifecycal background of future-oriented values (life-orienting values: Values) orient interest preference, which affects enactive value for particular situations. The values orienting one’s days are ultimately the Values of one’s life as such, one’s Selfidentical being (which is not individualistic, yet not sociocentric or intersubjective).

Authentic confidence implicates a background which is well-individuated (mat-
urely autonomous, at best), thus comfortably felt as enowned; or expressing the actualization of one’s ownmost potential for being, always incomplete, in a life where learning never ends.

The better life sustains fidelity to enowned values relative to better (life oriental) interests.

But the better interests are relative to the better, the best Values of flourishing relative to one’s and Our humanity. The best sense of enlightenment is relative to the best senses of flourishing humanity. 

for better quality of life
  Such action orientation may suggest holistic notions of mindfulness. But I don’t prefer doctrinal views which are to be prudently lived. I prefer a manifold scalar sense of flexibility relative to several normal scales of relevance. I alluded to a couple of these in “orienting life,” but I’ll employ more later.

Scales of relevance are composed of domains of value which have variable, situ-
ational range. For example, the scale of interpersonal engagement expressed by
a continuum from intimacy (a value domain of caring) to civility between strangers (value domain of civil life).

Intimacy may be familial, partner-al, romantic, sexual, etc. A teacher may validly have familal intimacy with a student (better for children than collegiality), but wouldn’t be romantic with a teen.

Familial love may be relative to immediate family or extended family, but good familial love is best lived by persons having daily lives together through years. This is incomparable to extended family love, but a neighborhood of folks or company team might develop into feeling like extended family, sharing more than solidarities that a person has at work or with the multi-neighborhood com-
munity. Yet, general neighborliness with strangers builds community, while we don’t want extended family members to regard each other as mere neighbors.

Within intimacy, richly variable ways of caring show. So, too for family intimacy /love, kinship love/enjoyment, friendship, solidarity, and neighborly life.

Nearness to distance of horizon and tightness to looseness of relations are “per-
pendicular” to the specific value domains, inasmuch as particular relevances are situationally or “ecologically” strong or weak.

So it goes for other continua which I’ll introduce (or extend, such as a sense of “being good*” about “making the best life”).

Gathered scales can explicate a conception of holistic appreciability which may be better for evaluating interpersonal relations than other conceptions of evaluation.

In any case, all life-oriental understandings implicitly imply a value holism, which can be usefully understood relative to horizonal scales of value domains.

Different value domains are always “perpendicular” to sets of distinctions which can be enhancive and fruitful for action. Among the innumerable distinctions that can be listed, I enjoy a large array which are especially interesting, many already used, many that are not yet introduced. All in all, I enjoy a highly differential value holism—call it conceptual inclusive fitness?—which idealizes for life (of oneSelf, of progressive culture, of good society, and of fair politics) importantly promoting, enabling, and advancing wholly flourishing humanity.  

for telic cohering of academic appeal 
  Better qualities of life constitute the better commonwealth, which the university serves. My interest in specialist literatures prospects what (which, whose) spec-
ific humanity may best serve Our general interest in promoting, enabling, and advancing better commonwealth.

But presuming such Value—being implicit about it—makes  specific conceptual foci easily seem insular to non-specialists. Thinking beyond axiomatic dreams (beyond metaphysicalist scientificity, beyond formalist desire for technological appeal) can easily seem uselessly speculative.

But Our prevailing reality is indisputably open, regarding the potential of human-
ity and the nature of metascientific realism: an unpre-stateably emergent cosmos blind to the Earthanity sheltering and enabling a form of intelligent presence which is evolving Itself post-biologically by “Our” (?) design, haunted by intim-
ations of autonomous A.I.

So, here I live in some sense of that appeal and fear, wanting to locate and appre-
ciate some leading minds (to me at least) for the best excursions I can constel-
late, while knowing that others’ interest in usefulness keeps high aspiration largely disposable.

I accept that, but love conceptual gardening the Project of Humanity all the same: from improvisations over a decade ago (no: two decades ago) through recently to current interests, which do not forget need for, and appeal of, progressive practice.  

So, excuse that prospective interest may tend to favor neologism.


  Be fair. © 2024, gary e. davis