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  manifold living

gary e. davis
April 22, 2024
  The word mirrors what you bring to it: living—living: more than alive: in the Flow, being as if time is a spirited river flowing you, yet as more than you being in Time: You navigate your times, intently being your times, thereby being Time as your instance.

So, what you grant to ‘living’, it may give, mirroring you. As the word being given to mirror, its appeal gives way into being given time, as if the word has intent of its own there appealing, as if the word itself has appellant life, thus being responsively there for you giving into dwelling with your one Self.

To and for, here is there, a mirrorplay of to-and-fro granting and bearing sense, wholly and focal.

Given time, giving time, you, one (both in play) may bring your whole life into
a presence of ‘living’: dwelling in all your/one’s living, interfacing you as one with the word symboling your one presence of living, incomprehensible really: so many years, so many times, was your ongoing—going on!—“living” in and among manifold senses.

manifold senses of the word
  Joy and meaningfulness of unabridged living wouldn’t likely be interested in
a lexigraphic parsing of the word. But we inherit potential resonance of senses from which we unwittingly choose, by situation, to prefer.

The most preferable sense deserves to prevail over others, as their oriental horizon, because we desire better appeals to be durably the best, if possible,
just as desiring fulfillment orients fulfilling desire, which is at best unlike a constant north star.

Merriam-Webster Unabridged, ‘live’ (verb) 8 : “to flourish in human life or consciousness : retain effect, existence, or vigor.” Yes, 10 : “to realize the possibilities of life amply : attain fulfillment or satisfaction.”

Living is minimally transitive, being from here to there. To 4b : “be thoroughly absorbed…or involved” is more than 4a : “to experience firsthand.” But so many persons 2 : “enact, practice” living as merely 1 : “to pass through or spend the duration of” being.

Better living is 3 : “to exhibit vigor, gusto, or enthusiasm,” so that unabridged fulfilling gives intransitive meaning of being. Better living is more than 4 : “to conduct, direct, or pass one’s life,” 3 : “to maintain oneself.” But for too many persons, living is 9 : “to outlast storm or danger : remain afloat or operative,”
2 : “to continue alive,” little better than 1 : “to have the life of an animal or plant.”

Life longs for lastingness, at best to leave a mark on “eternal” Earth, 7 : “to survive oblivion: remain in human memory or record,” because the myth of longing 6 : “to attain eternal life or beatitude” will ultimately be 5a : “to occupy a home” in others’ fidelity to you having been 5b : “located or stored” in Time.

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