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  reverie of heartfulness

gary e. davis
May 10, 2024
In a flow of selfless immersion, one’s “non”conscious playing of a game, an en-
thralling scene, etc., is not as immersion, playing, enthrall. One is immersion, playing, enthrall. Then, self-reflectively, one is that immersion, playing, enthrall.

To think or say “I” am doing that represents one as “me.” I-ing of Flow is what
“I” denotes: me, “me.”.

Non-conscious (“selfless”) engaging is my heartful Self being, with which I readily identify, integral for myself—Self entailing “me” (who I am to myself); and self-
identity implying engaged being, presencing my present awareness.

Call it the I/me difference, which philosopher William James did (and which researchers of child development have empirically identified). Call it the Self/self difference of implicit capability and want which years of individuation have backgrounded for interests of activity, even Purpose for one’s life: lifepsychal feeling for one’s Time in appeal of horizons.

Times of happy presence, as if one is melded with wholly living one’s life, show
the resonance of oneSelf in a present sense of there being one’s life, being one lifepsychal, lifecycal Self-ful, “selfless” presence of living—including love of again losing oneself engaged in horizonal finding of oneSelf newly through venturing and creative appeals.

“I” is in ever-receding horizons of my times there, being. In depths of horizoning, being may feel merged with all Time: my Inner Child again reborn there, primal interality calling in depths of there being the appeal, even intimating primordial discovery in free association letting whatever emerge.

Self, Selfness (the conception of oneSelf) is partly mirrored in (troped by) the appeal “of” another apart from their engagement.

Value “of” another (be it need of “you”/it or desire of you/it) shows as their appeal (unwittingly, “naturally”).

Being affected by the appeallant value of another is feeling for it.

Selfness ordinarily shows as implicitly effective (overriding?) feeling of what happens (default receptiveness, “rc” for short) and automatic enactivity (default responsiveness, “rs” for short).

For autonomous life (or inasmuch as free capability is in play), Self isn’t basically subjective because open intentionality (rc) and apt intentionality (rs) work apart from overt intents (ordinary purpose). This is why improvisation may work well; or rapport is good.

Intents of oneself are derived modes of intentionality of oneSelf. But subjectivity of intents to intentionality—oveerwhelming feeling or want—belongs to under-
developed capability, then maybe “over”developed (creative) relations of intent with oneSelf (giving way to intentionality’a free play): from having intents over-
ridden in early individuation (need/desire fusions), then possibly giving way eventually to free play in fabulation, then distinct creativity. (In psychotherapy, primal congestions inhibit emergence of novel options.)

Focal (atttentive intent of) openness may find phenomenal presence [as if] it’s presenting itself, presencing itself, giving value from itself (inasmuch as it shows itself), mirroring one’s implicit preferring, which may show newly: more highly, broadly, deeply, or heartuflly.

So, Selfness may be usefully said to show as interally receptive/responsive phenomena, others, things.

Saying that an appeal is Selfal can make sense because we want selfidentical conceptions which implicate one’s sense of living, so ‘Self’-relevance modifies presence as integral for oneSelf.

Primal appeal is Selfal, as if being there is part of oneself: interally integral, integrally interal.

Fundamental appeal (lifecycal Purpose, conceptual constitution) may feel prim-
ordial, as for one’s sense of being.

Feeling may articulate itself as if constitutive of being, ultimately interal, like communion in/with one’s “Nature.” One’s conceivability may feel in play, as interal being itself: being of being.

There’s point to a generalizing notion of Selfality: interal being in Time. It’s one’s worldliness of horizonality (World) mirroring one’s conceivability so far (Worlding).

Life gives one time. Purpose gives lifecycality value. Time gives lifepsychality lifecycality. It gives Time for oneself’s differentiable Self, there and here: oneSself.


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