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  “genesis“: retrojective articulation of being

gary e. davis
May 7, 2024
“Forgetting” oneself in daydreaming, reverie, entrancement—which is very active, in its releasement, engaged giving way to emergent thoughts, fabulations, and memories.

No need for ‘is’ there. It’s oneSelf prevailing—let to be—over self presence (feeling for selfidentity). In the unwitting Flow of there being the play of emergences, “I” is itSelf more than usual.

Forgetting oneself in fully attending, one is the flow of immersion, unaware that one is in immersion, because immersion is pre-self-reflective. Phenomenality emerges [as if] from itself, evincing “selfless” being it emerging, not yet as if of it drawing oneSelf “selflessly.”

Immersiveness begins prenatally because it’s the first way of being: not yet differentiating itself from experiencing—being experienced as if the flow of presence causes presencing. We’re born from months of pre-natal emergence of there being sound and light and touch and movement, when being alive is intrins-
ically satisfying, months before birth (a mere passage into natal furtherance of what’s ongoing).

Later in baby’s experience (weeks? mere days?), differentiations emerge— emerg-
ing differential presencing from Itself.

We adults retroject differentiations back to a primal point, but first experience is not yet as relational, not yet as interface or interplay or interactive. Primal inter-ality (as such: as inter-) begins in presencing differentiating itself (as if by itself), which becomes awareness that “I” is distinct from the differential: that there’s difference of “me” and another, immersiveness becoming an interplay, becoming the inter-ing.

One is born awed—not as awe (which we distinguish from ordinariness); rather, born being wholly (before any conceptions of anything are possible; and no wholeness)

Later, that immersion of given time becomes distinct from normal lack of it: habituation, ordinariness—immersion of awing time framed as relatively awesome.

So, a return of awing time—from child through adult to inquiring mind—becomes special, in light of so much individuation beyond First Times, First Personification now as inter-action, inter-face, inter-play, as interality mirroring Self/World differentiating which is (now) selfidentity in one’s world, as well as being (and having been) primarily of worldliness, inworldness of how It gives time.

In a return of awing presence (for the explorer, the inquirer, the artist), one wel-
comes enhanced articulability, mirrorplaying inwordly—or musically, visually, dancefully, or some purely mental modality enhancing itself.

In the beginning, one is observed being born, though the bearing belongs to be-
, awesome mystery to early persons’ articulability (an epistemic matter). ‘Genesis’ was born Greek, from the stem of gignesthai: to be born. Somehow from ancestry, borne across generations, we are born from the born. Awed by the look of the born being, we cry in thanks.

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