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April 2012

| september 2010
    An exploration of senses of ‘self’ on the way to a psychology of self.
  being of high presence clearly | december 21, 2016
    Consider dancing.
  April 22, 2012: Earth Day
I associate my notion of autotelic self with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced “chick-sent-mE-hi”), an academically-leading researcher in creativity. I was earlier (2009) delighted to see his synoptic report of empirical research on the “autotelic personality,” titled “Flow Theory and Research,” in The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology; but the sense of personality there doesn’t imply a richly self-enhancive sense of one’s potential (which MC ambitiously prospected 15 years earlier in Evolving Self, 1993, and I’ve long since gone my own way).
  protean self | september 2009
    An authentically plural psyche is a very integrated achievement.
  how a protean self is not duplicitous | september 2009
    Appearances of self contradiction may actually be creative tensions.
  indwelling | april 2011
    Being in the world contains the mind appreciating itself as being in the world (containing a conception of its conceiving).
  differencing: being variably a part | april 2011
    an analysis of action resonant (to my mind) with the ironical condition of indwelling.
  a sense of Self / [inter]personal difference | may 2011
    innerworldliness of one Self (futurity, past) irt many other-oriented identities (intimate, parent, professional...), derivative of oneself and multiple roles defining each personal identity
  transpersonal differencing | may 2011
    an expression of practicality and preface to upcoming work on this page.
  a sense of manifold selfidentity alive through stable character | may 2011
    This expands earlier prospecting of a notion of selfidentity in complement with what’s above.
  appropriative thinking | may 2011
    This is a practical mode of a philosophical interest that’s much older than a 2007 discussion of it.
  idealizing a protean intrapsychality Of being in Time | may 2011
    Multimodalization of psychal engagement anticipates a communion of high discourse.
  autotelic mind: inquirial Eros | october 29, 2011 — january 2, 2012
    feeling for the “thing”
philosophy of “mind”: a love story
selformativity of Self
AEros of flourishing




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