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flourishing of the smart child into early adulthood

  december 2009 (8/29/10)
  feeling concerted parenthood

The 12 topics listed at the end of “feeling...” will be developed, though not as 12 separate discussions. But quite some time will elapse before this project (“flourishing...”) will gain an overall structure. Meanwhile, topics below will be occasioned by my interests, and a comprehensive sense of ontogeny will eventually gain detail (way up the road).
  october 2, 2010
  growing children as venue: packing for a conceptual adventure
  october 4 and 17, 2010
  enabling a child’s own desire through entrusting confidence
  october 17, 2010
  intrinsic power of curiosity
  november 28, 2010
  a feeling for Self formation
  december 5, 2010
  cultivating self-enhancive curiosity
  december 26, 2010
  belonging in development: background of self-formative learning
    building oneself: level-growth (gaining higher generativity)
    broadening oneself (breadth / depth of generativity)
    developmentality as generative modeling
  december 28, 2010
  enowning development: a manifold sense of self formativity
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