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  a fourfold modalization of triarchic

scaffolding presence, part 5 of 6
gary e. davis
April 29, 2017

A receptive/responsive-differentiated present is personal, thus interpersonal. Presuming a nebulosity of self/personal differentiation, we’re comfortable with surface and proximality. One’s selfality expressed as a present is enstanced in person-ability. The s/p differentiality of that as such—the presence of the difference—is likely resonant, auratic, even mysterious (if one intently wants to expose other selfality in resonance). For innerworldly interest, one’s engaged with good enstancing. For an outerworldly interest (witnessing), one’s engaged with good enframing. Presence of presenting in the present is potentially rc/rs-differentiated presencing for oneself (s/p differential), with another (intererpersonal), and about the other (p/s inferential).

This is different from the situation of Self phenomenalizing, such that the aura of
the other is selfidentical or Self reflective. Self/self differentiation is always a private resorucefulness (e.g., with creativity and inquirial prospecting)—or a private difficulty, which a clinician may help resolve by inferring features of Selfality and S/s differentiation—or working mutually with problematic boundaries—in light of much interpersonal rapport.

Presently, action is considered as a coherently finished event. Action can be “graphed” or documented—maybe calling this actionography; but it’s what journalists do, ethnographers, biographers, and any documentarian. The enacting of the action is inferred (relative to others) or recollected (relative to oneself). Either way, action always implies enacting which entailed the act; and which “has” a generative basis: the enacting that evinces the act. Altogether, we have (or derive) a discrete presence of enaction (whose presencing seems discursive), e.g., in narrative about self aware actors, then in narrative engaged with its own narrativity (both of which can be narratological, if not meta-narratological in a manner of philological analysis of conceptual features).

Presently, inquiry and projects are structural, coherent, generated from purposive, telic cohering of the project. This project-ivity can be stanced and framed as a genealogical comprehension or teleological coherence of the project.

The present here is associated with stance, act/set, and phenomenography.

Its presenting is associated with enstancing and enacting or composing.

The presence of this 2-fold is associated with self-differentiation as a coherent event, enaction, and resonance (generative potential).

Dimensionality of presencing (identity of self-differention) is modeled here in a way that can be rigorous: isomorphic or homologous across modes of presence. The conceptual basis is a highly-corroborated triarchic theory of intelligence which has become highly influential in professional psychology (I would argue), applicable across various main domains of life (six years ago, which I mentioned above here at the end of “trangulating...”). More will be done with this later.


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