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gary e. davis
March 23, 2016

Teens (especially girls) are, like,
adorable about it (for awhile): “I, like, said to him,
he, like, better let me know when, like, he’s...“

But it gets tedious.

Darling fauna among the flora of Earth,
like: life is perfected, like the age of Earth is eternal...
or, like, there’s perfectibility, since fossils of fern patterns in stone attest
an eternity of genetic opportunity for pretty life to be
now the way we are, expressing a perfected settlement
of our genome, how now another version of life presents itself,
life to this observing life, like we are in solidarity as being
among the living, though profoundly distant in form, like,
the ferns speak to me of their love of thriving,
though only we primates appreciate anything,
only we humans articulate.



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