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gary e. davis
March 27, 2016

Love beyond love of life: love telic cohering love, whose poiesis, teligeny, gives
itself way without ultimate conception, yet being best able to retrace us in a poetics
of “development,” some story giving all’s flow integrity (albeit poetically licensed)
of simple, shareable life among so many prattling voices of dim times.

In writing you as progress-updating of sojournal learning, I was sailing for some new way of being fruitful, poiesis of fission, androgynous being, manifold modes of life as organs in a body of artistry without pretense, yet maybe lastingly as some text
that plays into diamonds, but never claims to, maybe merely marks integrity in a life for its own sake, poiesis of private fusion.

“poetic”: enwisening appeal—appeal of sophisticating as intent with no pretense of effect, no preconception of efficacy—sophisticating appeal making one wiser; appeal of greater ways to be, protean androgyny of manifold ecogenies, wholly flourishive living, appealing prospections (waystational Conceptions), being as selfality evolving “mind,” a greater place to stand.

Then, appreciability of a scene, a time, phenomenality (reveries by a creek) belong with It all: mine with our times—you in the trees aware with me, we in all time
we’ve made instancing Inteligence of Earth.

“...Meanwhile, in the sheltering woods,” you said back then, and again, “the sheltered brook and wind in high boughs evinced an imaginary violin solo so entrancing
the birds ceased playing so to listen. ‘Stay with me and the trees,’ you said.”

—which I did indeed, and you have.



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