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cycle 3 of The Project currently
January 2018
  post-Cycle 2 merging and, 2017 and earlier, discussed here.

  being of play
    where each time is prelude
of worlding
  aspects of being well
    conceptually exploring lived time
  wholly flourishing
    living mindfully beyond being well
Love ascending.
  timing creative life
    love of enthralling process
    writing lives project
    there being window mirrors
    personifying fruitfully, figuring well enough
  protean living
    Self-differentiality beyond wholly flourishing
  plays of conceptual AEros
    as if
  aspects of inquirial process
    centripetal engagement of leading works for promising discovery
  creative conceptuality of genesis
    loving primordial improvisation
  highly minding
    of nameless Appeal
descent: midlanding
  philological play
    academic eventing
in a world
  discursive moments: appropriative notes
    enstancing high conceptual work in terms of appropriate topics
  progressive practice
    a landscape of political engagement
  nature of self-designing life
    noting that we’re given to note
of being
  ETI as hyperfictional mirrorplay
    They are immeasurably amused.
  fun finding flowers




  © 2018, gary e. davis