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  some general comments
gold mining as conceptual mountaineering

gary e. davis
Marach 2019
  This is about the list of Areas for “The Project currently,” not an overview of
The Project. Some of the Area headers link to short discussions, merely a preface for the Area, so far, though each Area is already detailed offline, involving over a hundred subtopics (across all Areas), maybe two hundred; I haven’t counted.

the gold dividers on the Area list page

The phrases in gold (“of worlding” ... “of being”) express a lightness about process because topics may seem difficult, since I’m sharing explorations, not intending
a curriculum. I have in mind an allegory of mountaineering which pertains to my own learning process and prospecting: Any adventurous person may enjoy difficult achieving as an ascent, always beginning within a life, one’s world, that has been made, not merely assimilated. And one returns from high sojourns to make sense of things in shareable ways. I’m not yet trying to be methodic in my discussions, but I’m sharing material that I can methodically explicate—and analytically detail. The Project is not about casual improvisations.

My challenges to myself are conceptual (in a philological sense that The Project will gradually detail). This is very much about process, sojourn, individuation, etc., for topics and themes that are important to me.

Sojourning is also about moving on, after coming back: going “up” again, thanks to unprecedented appeals. “The Project currently” is in cycle 4, implicitly anticipat-ing more to come.

the Area list

These are proximal, apt titles for the 16 Areas (plus preface) of The Project that will become difficult at times. As keywords, the elements of the titles can be presented as an ordered set, as if the terms are a table of contents for a discussion centered on that sequence, where each term (sign, trope, concept) is implicitly a question about a key topic in The Project: How, what, and why: phenomenal appeal — play — self-differentiation — personification — pretense — enjoyment — love — mindfulness — flourishing — humanism — inquiriality — tropicality — creativity — proteanity — conceptuality — imaginability — primordiality — comprehensibility — philology — appropriativity — discourse — presentation — progressivity — time — of — being?

What is the conceptuality of a trope marked by a sign?

What is ‘-ing’ — ‘-al’ — ‘-tion’ — ‘-ity’ — ‘-ness’ — ‘-ment’ without metaphysicalism?

How may ‘-ology’ be extensively comprehended?

Is an ‘-ism’ a discursive formation / domain? At least that, but what may a
discursive domain tenably become without conceptual mythology (without ontolog-ism)?

before 2019

Earlier excursions—before this project—are organized elsewhere into the same Areas as “The Project.” The listing of precursors for each Area is available via a link at the end of each Area of the curent project. Calling all of that past improvisation, prior to 2018, “sundry gardening” derives from my longstanding affection for the notion of conceptual gardening that I’ve used for years. I don’t regard former excursions (“s. g.”) as the beginning of The Project (which is offline); rather, the pre-2019 discussions anticipate online what is becoming here, 2019 onward, which seems to have six cycles.


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