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aspects of being well

  “being well” in relation to “well-being”
gary e. davis
February 13, 2019
Living well, you do, thus experiencing your life as being well.

That simple truth evidently eludes a plurality of lives in developed societies which are chronically syndromed.

It’s about being and, at best, excellence of that, if not admirable exemplarity of being well with and among other persons in one’s life.

I prefer ‘being’ here to ‘living’ because the former connotes activeness (or enactivity) better than ‘living’.

‘Well-being’ is more passive or homeostatic than ‘being well’. Discourse of and about public policy talks about well-being, standardly as something quantifiable (criteriologically), relative to large-scale interests of population management. “Well” is homeostatic, rather than valuative (i.e., toward excellence).

Well-being at the level of a life results from being well, aggregately, re: society personified: society being well (progressing?), the “good” society, which is more about active health (thriving) than about homoestatic happiness—or rather: The happiness of a society emerges relative to thriving of its areas, inasmuch as thriving can be instituted (made normal).

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