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gary e. davis
February 14, 2019
The world of one’s life makes sense relative to one’s way of being. Yet, being in the world is more than being of “the” world because one’s “world” is relative to a futural life that transcends any determinate sense of ‘world’.

That isn’t a complex notion: Environs come and go, while being the life of comings and goings is that one life with its own futurity, its singular individuation of capabilities, its singular archive of experiences. Being in “the” world is a composite of “worlds”: interpersonal relationships with “our” shared implicity, manifold relationships (short and long); a town here, a city there; a career, then a new career; etc.

A notion of Selfworld is better than ‘lifeworld’ because being well is about one Self in time. I capitalize that to keep emphasized that a human life is self identical relative to one’s lifetime. Especially: senses of “self” individuate, from childhood through teen years, through eras of adult life, and relative to cultural conceptions of ‘self’, ‘world’, and ‘time’. “I” is always, too, the child, re-conceived relative to later life; the teen, still enthralled with ideals; the child still facing the mystery of old age and dying; the adult periodically revising one’s sense of never ending happiness across generations, having made a life worth fulfilling happiness in frail old age; at best, leaving a lasting legacy. The story is always, in principle, in revision.

A transpersonal character of selfidentity, transcending era-ic senses of world in Time—Selfness, Selfality (I like both)—differentiates its trans-eraic sensibility of being a lifetime from era-oriented senses of self or selfidentity in “this era of my life.” Indeed, being a life with highly embodied sense of eras is dimly available to youth.

So much family, neighborhood, community, and world upon world, gaining
senses of globality, maybe even progressivity of humanity, gains singular Meaningfulness for one’s Selfidentical lifetime. What is given is the appeal
of what’s to be gained.

In upcoming Areas of The Project, I prospect Selfality in the appeal of wholly flourishing life. I prospect “world” in the appeal of ecologically flourishive humanity.

A modest simplicity that anticipates such high Selfworldliness in daily life is wanting us all to be truly happy together: Make our work as enjoyable as possible (accepting that it’s the work that it is, with admirable dignity) through inter-personal relations having an open character: gracious, patient, inclusive, and generous.

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