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The Project

gary e. davis
February 14, 2019
Life can be full of projects.

A child does well to love extended play as constructively responding to the appeal of some imagined waystation.

Excellence in a schoolroom is hallmarked by project-oriented learning that instills love of extended inquirial engagement.

As one grows up, more-ambitious projects may become entwined with selfidentity. There are dreams of “who I want to be when I grow up.”

There emerge teen ideals of grand project-ivity that evince aspirations for one’s “personal best.”

A “Purpose in life” feels to embrace the horizon of one’s Time, and such sense of Purpose might well be conceived as the Project-ivity of one’s life, in light of which—and relative to which—eras of a life have their prevailing project-ivities (aspirations, ideals, career, etc.), and large-scale projects are served by mediate projects, served by activities served by goal-directed enaction. That Project-ivity is the foremost orientation of one’s sense of project-ivity.

I symbolize a lifetime-oriented sense of Purpose, served by mediate project-ivity, by ‘AProject-ivity’.

At best, reason to live is born from appellant inspiration, such that proximal telicness implies deeper/higher implicature.

Thriving Selfness is drawn into its horizons of potential, promise, prospective-ness, and possibility. AProject-ive Selfworlding flourishes. Selfness is ideally mirrored by its horizonal Purposefulness, which is, at best, manifoldly project-ive.

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