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gary e. davis
February 16, 2019

Basic aspects of being well are best differentiated relative to a given good sense of wholly being well. The aspects I’ve chosen below are obviously basic (or abstractly pertinent), but are selective, not pretending to comprehensively list basic aspects. It’s a beginning.

These aspects are culturally common or/and academically common—proximal,
in that sense, not primordials of conceptuality (to my mind).

These are topics for detailed discussion, each concept standing for a body of notes that I’ll work with for online later. These concepts are discursive tropes which are also common terms. Comments here are very precursory.


“Values” are importances. What’s worthwhile is—or derives from—prevailing importance that gives something worthwhileness, so to speak, which is a temporal sense of worth, of course.

Trust is important (intrinsically so, to my mind).

Aspirations and ideals mirror selfidentical importances.


The appeal of an importance or value always evinces emotion. In fact, emotions are normally evinced by perception of value. Feeling is valuational emotion.


Feeling successful is always appealing, even esteeming. We are to enact desires and needs. Want is (to my mind) a melding of desire and need.

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