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  being one Self
gary e. davis
June 2020
  An elusive, yet vital, feature of human being is the mystery of oneself feeling backgrounded by unawareness of oneself. In other words, one‘s awareness easily feels to be of that individuational backgrounding mysteriously.

Links below to postings provide an introductory discussion for later faring (beyond the two
June 2020 listings) through some keynotes of literary history whereby so-called “genius” expressed inspiration of feeling possessed—being possessed—by a god.

psychality again -|- May 2020
  Good reasons can be given for the neologism (better than ‘mind’) as encom-passing concept of individuational mentability. This discussion is circum-spective, not pretending to be comprehensive. It highlights my interest in phenomenal relating, differentiating, and interpreting. | June 2020: A more-focal sense of Self is provided by: “S/s difference again” and “Selfality: phenomenal Selfness.

recalling intra-psychal differences -|- May 2020
  This discussion provides more detail about the individuational importance
of phenomenal relating and differentiating.

historical “psyche” -|- May 2020
  This plays with etymology.

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