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wholly flourishing

gary e. davis
September 2022
  December 2018

Flourishing beyond being well is, at best, wholly loving the days—an artistry of being? (No pretentiousness, in any event.)

Feeling care is the heart of—enheartens—“ethical” life.

Here, humanism anewed orients high importances, like appropriateness, like enjoying each others’ ongoing growth, like living excellently, exemplifying high mindfulness (evolving “spirit”), and gaining true happiness for a good life, healthy aging, and living fun stories to tell unto one’s last days.

Indeed, there’s a long story here to come.

September 2022

This month’s “better self-enabling for better humanity we share” begins a more formal era of the Project which is oriented by others’ work, enhancively and for critique. That was anticipated with my short and informal “idealizing better being for better humanity” in February. Other discussions listed here (March 2022 and all of 2020) are part of the more-informal era of the Project. I expect that further discussion will be in the more-formal spirit of September’s discussion.



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