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gary e. davis
JUNE 2022
I live in an open-ended complex of interest in conceptuality (what conceptuality is, at several levels), conceptual prospecting, and conceptual genealogy. My interest is scientific, creative, philological, and philosophical.

What good are conceptions and why is conceiving so interesting, generative, and fruitful?

The discussions below are not in a developmental order. They’re episodes of expressed interest in conceptuality, but not yet about conceptuality as such, which is my main interest that these discussions preface. Inquirial process is best examined relative to specific inquirial projects. Process as such is a genealogical construction—retrojective—which is dependent on what’s in process.

  conceptual inquiry -|- JUN 2022
    Discussions below were exploratory, but always implicitly anticipating a more-focused engagement with conceptual inquiry. Present discussions at the above link are precursory (though I have hundreds of pages of notes offline).
  a singular pluralism of conceptual interests -|- AUG 2021
  personhood: being person-al: person-ality -|- MAR 2021
    Themes here will be developed further; and links to that will be inserted in the present discussion.
  modal cohering of lifeworldliness -|- SEP 2020
  an improvisation on evolving conceptuality -|- FEB 2019
    Immanently, prospecting may express an interest in process relative to research that will likely transform the sense of process as well as sense of prospecting.

  prospecting a scale of appealing comprehensiveness -|- JUN 2020
    From aspiring to convening, from prospecting to conceiving, from transforming to fulfilling—yet, in the end, still in dark Opening

  divining stars -|- SEP 2020



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