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gary e. davis
January 2019

“Enabling new actualization of potential makes his story a cute endlessness,” ultimate fun, whose final note is just ending.

Why not be some play of ultimacy?

In recent years, anthropological researchers have hallmarkeed the artfulness of human evolution, as well as artfulness in our evolution. The Chair of the Anthropology Department at UCBerkeley capped his career by publishing Incomplete Nature, about our evolving mindness (which I call mindality—because we’re an inestimable sphere of mentalities). A theoretical biologist recently published The Artful Species; and a leading literary psychologist has long partnered with a mental scientist to transpose The Way We Think (integrally tropical) as The Artful Mind. A group of philosophers and psychologists recently gather themselves into The Aesthetic Mind, as basically not a matter of standard aesthetics, but a matter of mind as integrally aesthetical.

Every sense of Our evolving is implicitly a story about our ever upscaling capability for storiation, and so-called “evo-devo” theory of it all is conceptual allegory of one’s humanity.

The conception of my project shows as the continuum that is The Project itself, from being well to ultimate play (barely rendered, so far, yet well aged—and aging well, thank you).

It gives me an encycling show of ever beginning: from self-actualization through high-scaled pretense to hope for some lasting usefulness.

What can truthfully be to show comprehensive fulfillment of proteanity? May we be a complex pleasure of prospecting scientific artistry through conceptual inquiry. Be a very good, even grand, prospection of comprehensive complexity, beautifully emergent from love of wholly flourishive creativity.

Be mutuality of loving textual intimacy—beyond Literature, psychology, and philosophy: being a generative consilience in terms of being devoted plays of discursive display, a love of mindal venturing, a new philology of endless anewal?

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