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gary e. davis
May 14, 2020
  Note the quote marks: As They say....

inspiration in relation to psychality -|- May 2020
  Highly engaging possession by prospects or insights is magnetic to oneself
and for others.

“genius” in classical Greece -|- May 2020
  Supreme being can inhabit oneself in special ways.

“genius” in Latin life -|- May 2020
  Differences between daily self plurality (among kinds of relationships) and deeper/higher Self gives protean author-ity to rationality.

“genius” in creative odysseys -|- May 2020
  Generative S/s difference actualizes creative potential through difficult, yet ultimately joyous, seafaring.

4-fold character of genius -|- May 2020
  Drawing thought into fundamentals has an upward slope analogous to
the formative slope of Work up that later draws up others in their own way. Yet, that’s merely tropical.

telic genius of being human -|- May 2020
  Can influence be evolving, in a transitive sense, for Our evolving, in
the retrospective sense? And so on.

Harold Bloom’s Genius -|- May 2020
  He’s a profoundly ironic exemplar.


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