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The Project

  discursive moments: mind evolving
gary e. davis
January 2023
  lifeworld globality -|- March 6, 2022
  bettering humanity -|- March 8, 2022
  for wholly flourishing humanity -|- January 15, 2023
  2019 project (with some supplements)
  preface -|- January 2019
  on conceptualizing -|- February 2019
  philogenic venturing, events of appropriation, conceptual partnership

  conceptualities of a good_ life: theory of flourishing -|- January 2019
  generative psychology, ontogeny, conceptuality of enaction, being ephemeral, having clinical interest

  conceptualities of importance -|- January 2019
  being worthwhile, valuable (without price)

  minding mind -|- January 2019
  enacting Self

  validity of reasoning: coherently good thinking -|- January 2019
  four dimensions of true cohering

  intelligent virtue: conceptual philanthropy -|- June 2020
  for better humanity

  appropriative thinking: virtuous practicality -|- January 2019
  nine topics

  philosophy21 -|- January 2019
  practices, histories, teaching

  generative humanities -|- November 2021
  humanistically constellating arts and sciences through interdomainal studies based in generative psychology

  bioscience -|- January 2019
  Our point in the galaxy

  biophilology -|- June 2020
  nature of human intelligence

  metascientific musing -|- January 2019
  phenomenal living in space-time

  formal tropology -|- June 2020
  conceptual philology

  historiology and the “intellectual” -|- January 2019
  the meaning of being, at last.

  future pasts: an epilog about postponing -|- January 2019
  knowing, education, health, law—so many appeals to being in Time




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