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  conceptualities of a good_ life: theory of flourishing

gary e. davis
January 26, 2019
This discussion is percursory, as are all January discussions in the “discursive moments” Area of The Project.

generative psychology
conceptuality of enaction
making the best life—of being relatively ephemeral presence in “Our” Time.

Generally here (“conceptualities of a good_ life...), I’ll develop the topic of generative psychology in terms of recent elaborations of positive psychology by leading lights in the field and relative to empirically-based theoretical work by the Journal of Positive Psychology and Journal of Happiness Studies.

I want to extend such an orientation to issues of the foundations of psychology as such, which idealizes cultural flourishing for social life.

I want to understand clinical issues relative to a generative-psychological sense of relational psychodynamic psychotherapy (i.e., prospecting a synthesis of relational psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy).

I also want to live to enjoy 120 years of lucidity or else be reincarbnated, so that I have enough time to actualize all of my imagenations.


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