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  making the best life—of being relatively ephemeral
presence in “Our” Time

gary e. davis
January 26, 2019

It’s a boundless theme: “best”...”making”... being in Time,... A tropical posture invites whatever, like a beckoning vista or radiant gravity of loved remembrance.

What we really value is shown in our given time.

Every morning, I’m still finding and sustaining lifelong meaningfulness via Selfality, creativity, poiesis.

Guidance by idealism draws from keeping Ideas vital. “What if...” high cultural humanism prevails in the conception of global humanity.

I venture to live for good: Be an Open/flourishing conception of protean artistry:

  • good life: to be good_
  • good society: to be goodG
  • anticipating contributions to humanity: to be goodH

I venture to stay married to being well “for good”: to be good* via selfidentity, comprehension, logos.

By making the best life we can, we’re inevitably being relatively ephemeral presence in cultural evolution via personality, lifelong flourishing, ethos.

All of that relates usefully to a conception of intelligence—a 3-fold model of enactivity—which is isomorphic with an empirically-validated conception of intelligence, discussed briefly recently, but discussed further a couple of years ago.

Here, in short:

  • Given individuation: Selfality, creativity, poiesis
  • Enactive interest: personality, lifelong flourishing, ethos
  • Fulfilling time: selfidentity, comprehension, logos


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