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  historiology and the “intellectual”
gary e. davis
January 26, 2019
As Big History of life gains more detail, Our being Earthans becomes more bound to galactic presence. Yet, Our biogenic roots are not sociobiological, because intelligence that hallmarks Our evolving is primordially individuative.

Questions of “Being” are primordially issues of being, modernly facing invalidation of theological thinking. God always called for quote marks, enframing the cultural relativity of that great mirrorwindow of Our evolving, the ever cyclical (inter-generational) event of [re]Appropriating Our Earthanity.

Inasmuch as religiously-based issues stay relevant for humanitarian and humanistic interests and appeals, a “question of Being” remains apt, e.g., in/as how True Self love implies compelling appeal of our humanity in one’s humanity for our humanity. Our being in time, beyond one’s being in time is an issue of “our” being with each other and the scalarity of selfidentification in “your” comprehension of the “ours” as Ours.

So precious was the exotic, existential appeal of intellectual marginality, the romance of postmodern cynicism. But too much of that is essentially abysmal (abysmally anti-essentialist!), obsessively avant garde with haunting End Time.

Then, another cycle of youth enowns the horizon as primordially Open.

Evolutionary relativity of history—the evo-theatrical background of grandly developmental dramas—makes historicism valid, in a sense, but as domestication of mysterious evolving that shows as dynamic era-ness or living eraic character of being in Time of planetarity: manifoldly diasporic in accord with climatic opportunity; stripping regions until they’re wasteland, then moving on; learning to garden empire, losing territory, gaining; dominating nature; designing futurity; and living into the wall of sustainability as we venture to make high cultural humanism prevail in conceptions of global humanity—and struggle to limit population fairly, control climate effectively, engineer post-humanity ethically, plan to terraform Mars, search for other habitable planets (the sun will eventually engulf Ours), and expect the Great Silence to end.

Meanwhile, all that can be said is ultimately provincial. Enlightened self interest prospects conceptual creativity, innovation, and evolving culture, but no encyclopedist will comprehensively comprehend how wholly ecological humanity can flourish, can be ecogenic Earthanity facing black cosmos happily, because we’re talented, we’re insightful, and innovative—because we are true, thus good, so finding beauty enough.



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