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gary e. davis
September 2020
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February 2019:

Humanity here (or lack of humanity, too commonly!) is the heart (and heartlessness) of community, of course. But economics of employment commonly makes growing-up into mobile homesteading (and anomie). Communitarian ethics (based in generalizability of being well) appeals for owning challenges of instilling neighborhood where it’s absent (making and sustaining civic life as face-to-face solidarities, friendships, and intimacies!). Aspects of being at home in the world make sense thanks to one’s actual home. At home, there are no strangers. On the street, everyone is a good will ambassador.

human services

Who knows the scale of regional health excellence? What is public health leadership? Why is there so little community-based mental health care? (That’s not the same as mental health services, which are critical resorts because there is so little community—chronically so little neighborhood and stable family). How may we best integrate professional positive psychology into adequately funded human services?

The sacred child is a truly wanted child in light of planned parenthood—which is about being ready for years of authentic parenting (not just affording—or needing—a child).

Teaching is a “pastoral” calling, not “classroom management.” Wonderful it is to find advanced community supported for educational leadership, securing teacher excellence (with joy in their career commitment, due to highly esteemed career—and salary that supports that!). Community-based educational excellence and supporting teacher fidelity to excellence is a long-term, cost-effective community investment (against later costs in human services) which only works through national supports, because the economics of families is too often too mobile.

spiritual leadership for enhancing flourishive humanity

It’s not about religion, rather about cultivating humanity (which religious life may well serve!) across the spectrum of kinships, neighborhood, and arts (as more than market-dependent entertainments). There is so much to say about contemporary cultural spirituality!

regional community development

The scope of professional schools in leading universities scaffold the domain of making high-capitalized political life into community-based development and for sustaining of truly democratic society. The engulfing of community potential by metropolitian and ex-urban distances is a social pathology.


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