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being well during the 2020 pandemic

  enjoying simple pleasures
gary e. davis
May 2020
  April 2020

Explore the day through walks (with proper social distancing) and hikes. Get crazy with others online with song. Be a mesmerizing cook. Read authors who are reassuring about what matters, finding hope, reason for optimism, gaining restoration, and solace.

May 2020

“Sheltering in place” during a pandemic is an opportunity for reset while enjoying care of and for oneself.

That belongs to life all the time! Protective care is for the sake of what matters, which deserves to be a common part of your week anyway. Its “truth” returns in those explorative walks (again—again!) that let the sunshine in while getting lost in finding your way.

And each new day is yet another one!

I recall a very elderly friend who reported a little morning thrill regularly when waking up “still alive!”

“I love the world but I cannot stay,” Mary Pipher writes (clinical psychologist, age 72). “Death is democratic and we will all participate in its enactment. I will miss the beauty all around me. I have taken so much pleasure in the natural world, in people and books, in music and art, in cups of coffee and lolling cats. If I knew that I had a month left to live, I wouldn’t spend my time much differently than I do now.”

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