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being well during the 2020 pandemic

  reason for hope in relation to system
gary e. davis
May 2020
  April 2020

Kindness is being celebrated. Health professionals are collaborating across states. Research on treatment across the planet is moving faster than first anticipated. Leaders are gaining empathy. All in all, better futures will be our result. (Even corporations are learning citizenship through initiatives.)

May 2020

The normal that we’ve known will return!

Meanwhile, “a successful post-pandemic world” has to be prospective—yet in light of being thankful: “People are alive today who might otherwise not be,” writes the Times Editorial Board, “thanks to the sacrifices [Americans] have made and are continuing to make,” especially by essential workers. “That’s how we protect the most vulnerable among us, restore our economy and reinvigorate the promises at the heart of the American ideal.”

And Nature thanks us, figuratively speaking. “Clean air, wandering goats. The pandemic is teaching us that all is not yet lost,” wrote Margaret Renkl last month for the Times. “The coronavirus will not reverse the ravages of climate change, and it will not interrupt our progression toward an even more desperate future. But it is allowing us to see with our own eyes how ready the natural world stands to reclaim the planet we have trashed, how eagerly and how swiftly it will rebound if we give it a chance.”

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