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  Spring Points
gary e. davis
July 2020
  This is independent of the main Project, though this is a major addition to it.
So, each of the numbered sections below link to the most relevant Project Area. But it’s an ordered sequence of its own, not an overt supplement to The Project. Over time, The Project will be integrated relative to its associated parts. This project exemplifies my approach to Project development, in terms of independent projects that associate to general development of The Project.

being of the point in a life
vistas of blobs: gathering satisfaction in a hunt
Part 1
conceptual appreciations
  .1: appellant phenomenality
.2: relationality
.3: flexibility of relational differences
.4: s/p differentiality again
.5: S/s difference again
.6: Selfality: phenomenal Selfness
.7: further aspects of appreciable phenomenality
.8: an experiential mix of leanings
.9: tropology
.10: a heuristic mindfulness
.11: validity of appropriative engaging
Part 2
protean appeal
  .1: proteany again
.2: prospecting a scale of appealing comprehensiveness
Part 3
progressing lifeworldliness
  .1: “lifeworld”: lifeworldliness
.2: lifeworldly conceptuality
.3: cultivating humanity: cultural progressing
.4: intelligent virtue: conceptual philanthropy
.5: advancing public support for political investment in
---- generalizing higher quality of lives
intelligence of Earth
  .1: biophilology: nature of human intelligence
.2: gardening scientific artistry
.3: formal tropology: conceptual philology



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